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Math Anxiety Changes Childrens’ Brains

Stanford University researchers mapped the brains of kids doing math problems using MRI scans. They found solid biological evidence that confirms what educators have known for decades: Students with math anxiety don’t perform as well as they could because their … Continue reading

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Bilingual Brain May Be Better

Researchers have reported that bilingualism may help the brain process information more rapidly and effectively. The reason may have to do with the brain’s increased demands to monitor the environment for the language spoken at any given moment. The Takeaway of … Continue reading

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Standardized Test Scores Can Improve When Kids Told They Can Fail, Study Finds

A Berkeley, California teacher finds that telling her middle school students that mistakes are a natural part of learning — and that it’s OK to make a mistake — helps them later perform better on tests. Her findings are backed … Continue reading

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Math Tutor a Devoted Teacher without Equal

Ms. Marney Rich Keenan of The Detroit News wrote about Mr. Doug Shonk, math tutor and former high school teacher. His influence goes beyond numbers, formulae and series. Math tutor a devoted teacher without equal by Marney Rich Keenan The … Continue reading

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The secret to forming memories

By Brian Murphy February 15, 2012; University of Alberta (Edmonton) U of A researchers have established that the brain’s ability to rehearse or repeat electrical impulses may be critical in making a newly acquired memory more permanent. U of A psychology … Continue reading

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