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Study Finds Teens At-Risk of Drug Abuse Show Unique Brain Networks

Laurie Tarkan reports differences in the networks of brain cells may explain why some teenagers are more susceptible to impulsive risk-taking behavior like smoking or experimenting with drugs, according to a new study.   The study also found that separate neural … Continue reading

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A Well Rounded Education for a Better Future

Are Colleges As We Know Them Endangered? Andrew Delbanco teaches humanities at Columbia University and he says college is in many ways an endangered institution — threatened by many forces including high costs and globalization. State schools are dealing with … Continue reading

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ACT vs. SAT: Which one is right for your child?

By Carissa Handrinos Deciding on a college is a daunting task for both parents and students. With so many things to focus on like grades, location, programs, personal statements, etc., the college application process becomes overwhelming. On top of all … Continue reading

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