School’s Out…Now What?

Brigid GCongratulations!

Students, your parents and teachers know that you worked hard this year. Taking tests. Memorizing formulae. Writing essays and book reports.

You endured too many early mornings and the late nights studying. That’s not to mention the daily lunchroom scramble.

And, you still found time to practice your instruments, play your heart out for the team, and do volunteer work in the community.

All that takes brains, hard work, and dedication.

Our students’ schedules are so full.

It seems that as soon as one test, one paper, or one quarter was over, the next goal sprang into view and the process of study preparation began again.

We would encourage everyone to take a breath and enjoy not worrying about the next thing on the Academic To-Do List.

Spend time together as a family when you are not rushing to yet another event. Get outdoors. Take a bike ride. Jump in a pool.

It’s good way to refresh our senses and recharge our energies.

Get their heads out of the books… but not all books

Students need time away from studies. While we offer tutoring throughout the summer, we encourage every learner to take time away from their studies. Everyone will benefit.
The Habit Not to Break

Readers know the more they read, the better they read. Reading is one habit that should never be broken nor ever take a break.

In the summer, learners can read what they want, not what’s required. Libraries have great programs, especially for younger readers. There are also great books for teens and the lists are prolific at this time of year:
5 Great Summer Reads
Top 100 Teen Books
Make the Time Count

After everyone has taken a break, summer also is a great time to take up a subject that is best done without the hassles of a full schedule. Maybe your student needs to make up a class, or as many college students are doing while they are home, take a class off-campus.

The summer will come to an end too quickly. The ACT college examination on Sept. 8 will soon be here. (You must be registered by August 17 to take it.) Use the quiet summer months without the full schedules to do some test prep.

But first, take a swim, enjoy a bike ride, do some things you enjoy. You deserve some fun, and a pat on the back for a job well done.

— Brigid Godvin
Academic Director, The Student Connection


About The Student Connection

The Student Connection is a team of professionals committed to creating capable learners. Sharing a passion for helping others "learn how to learn," the team includes educators, school psychologists, clinical psychologists, and speech and occupational therapists.
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