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Why It’s Imperative to Teach Students How to Question as the Ultimate Survival Skill

To make scientific progress, Albert Einstein first asked questions. Even if he did not find the expected answer, asking questions often led to discovery of even greater truths than what were searched for originally. For instance, when he was 16 years of … Continue reading

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How to Fall in Love with Math

Dr. Manil Suri is good with numbers and letters. He explains why mathematics isn’t something to be feared, but appreciated: Think of it this way: you can appreciate art without acquiring the ability to paint, or enjoy a symphony without … Continue reading

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Funding preschool education smart use of tax dollars

Attorney, biotech VP and educator Matt Valenti reports: “A study done by Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman concluded that investing in quality preschool programs is a better bet than investing on the stock market, yielding economic returns between 7 percent … Continue reading

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The Joys of Educational Jargon

John Merrow, educational reporter for PBS NewsHour and the author of “The Influence of Teachers,” cuts through the hype of educational jargon in this essay: Does jargon disguise vacuity? Anne Lewis, a veteran reporter, offered this analysis: “I have come … Continue reading

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Giving kids iPads won’t solve the education challenge

Information Technology writer Galen Gruman makes some very important observations about technology in the classrooms. Asking teachers to administer computers may only add to the problems teachers face each day. And, technology won’t serve to advance the education of all … Continue reading

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Cursive Writing Makes Kids Smarter

Dr. William Klemm reports on the positive benefits of learning cursive writing for young brains in Psychology Today. “Much of the benefit of hand writing in general comes simply from the self-generated mechanics of drawing letters. During one study at … Continue reading

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Grit is more important than IQ when it comes to Test Scores

University of Pennsylvania researchers have determined that the best predictor of success on academic tests isn’t determined by how talented students are. Rather, performance is best predicted by how much “grit” they possess. Grit, for their study, was defined as … Continue reading

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