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Truly learning math makes wise thinkers

Math educator Dr. Edward Burger, president of Southwest University in Texas, makes an excellent point about learning mathematics: By thinking through math, I mean understanding the material in a very deep way so that the student can appreciate and (ideally) … Continue reading

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How to Fall in Love with Math

Dr. Manil Suri is good with numbers and letters. He explains why mathematics isn’t something to be feared, but appreciated: Think of it this way: you can appreciate art without acquiring the ability to paint, or enjoy a symphony without … Continue reading

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Despite what you may think, your brain is a mathematical genius

Shifting mental gears from work to vacation is not as simple as we may think. Researchers at Salk Institute for Biological Studies find that our brains continuously and automatically adapt its computing resources as our environment changes to best engage in problem-solving … Continue reading

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Math Anxiety Changes Childrens’ Brains

Stanford University researchers mapped the brains of kids doing math problems using MRI scans. They found solid biological evidence that confirms what educators have known for decades: Students with math anxiety don’t perform as well as they could because their … Continue reading

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Math Tutor a Devoted Teacher without Equal

Ms. Marney Rich Keenan of The Detroit News wrote about Mr. Doug Shonk, math tutor and former high school teacher. His influence goes beyond numbers, formulae and series. Math tutor a devoted teacher without equal by Marney Rich Keenan The … Continue reading

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