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Six Terrific Pieces of Advice for Writing a College Essay

College admissions guru Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz details six important points to remember when writing a college essay: Write as if you are talking to the reader. Offer readers a story. Use the first person. Show, don’t tell. Be specific, descriptive … Continue reading

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How to Fall in Love with Math

Dr. Manil Suri is good with numbers and letters. He explains why mathematics isn’t something to be feared, but appreciated: Think of it this way: you can appreciate art without acquiring the ability to paint, or enjoy a symphony without … Continue reading

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The Ideal English Major

Author and professor Mark Edmundson reports in The Chronicle of Higher Education why he believes English represents for many the ideal choice for a baccalaureate major. He makes many excellent points, including the observation that there are things more important … Continue reading

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Cursive Writing Makes Kids Smarter

Dr. William Klemm reports on the positive benefits of learning cursive writing for young brains in Psychology Today. “Much of the benefit of hand writing in general comes simply from the self-generated mechanics of drawing letters. During one study at … Continue reading

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New College Application, Same Old Process

The next generation Common Application Online (CA4) has been announced. Carol Barash of reports “there are three important changes in the format. The required length is now a firm 250-650 words rather than the previous recommendation that did not … Continue reading

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Applying oneself to writing a memorable, original college admission essay

The Detroit Free Press details the importance of writing. A great admission essay can mean all the difference for the college-bound. “…as colleges are inundated with applications from smart students, and as they move toward holistic admissions policies in an attempt … Continue reading

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